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Students greet the therapy dog at a workshop.

about us.

Learn Together Lowcountry is a volunteer-run group project. Parents work together to create a hands-on learning environment in order to provide options that are group or expertise oriented. 

You will find classes, workshops, nursery, playtime opportunities, bible instruction, and events for all ages.

At LTL you will find community. 


Our focus.

We understand you homeschool to cater to your specific family needs.
Debate students play a game to hone their improvisation skills.
Quality Instruction

Our teachers have expertise or special education in the field they are teaching .

Good News Club students work on a worksheet during discussion time.
Biblical Perspective

Concepts will be taught and questions will be answered from a biblical perspective.

There are always two adults per room, even in study hall.
Safe Environment

Our policies and background checks help ensure a safe place for our students.

Children loved the dance workshop.
Affordable Choices

We offer free and affordable classes and events with zero registration fees.

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Our team.

We are thrilled to introduce our team.
Hannah Hicks is director of Learn Together Lowcountry.
Hannah Hicks


Beth Sanborn is the Assistant Director of Learn Together Lowcountry.
Beth Sanborn

Administrative Director

Heather Kruszka is the Nursery Director for Learn Together Lowcountry.
Heather Kruszka

Nursery Director

Katie Seitzinger is a teacher and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry.
Katie Seitzinger

Teaching and Leadership

Jayna DiGenova is a teacher and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry.
Jayna DiGenova

Teaching and Leadership

Andreza DeJesus is a teacher and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry.
Andreza DeJesus

Teaching and Leadership

Olivia Carbajal is a teacher and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry.
Olivia Carbajal

Teaching and Leadership

Christy Hale is a teacher and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry.
Christy Hale

Teaching and Leadership

Lisa Taylor is a teacher and leader with Learn Together Lowcountry.
Lisa Taylor

Teaching and Leadership

Heidi Hinnenkamp is a teacher and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry.
Heidi Hinnenkamp

Teaching and Leadership

David Seitzinger, Worship Director at Grace Coastal Church, also teaches with Learn Together Lowcountry.
David Seitzinger

Teaching and Leadership

Alyssa Urban is a teacher and leader for Learn Together Lowcountry.
Alyssa Urban

Teaching and Leadership


Pricing Snapshot

Regardless of your budget, we have programs for you.



Average Class Price



Workshops, Events, and Bible




The LTL Difference

What makes Learn Together Lowcountry different? Here's just a few ways of many...

No Registration Fees

Learn Together Lowcountry is a ministry of Grace Coastal Church. This means that fees that typically pay for insurance and supplies are supported by the church as a gift to our community.


Free Options

There are two hours per Friday that are offered free of charge. Join us for our Workshops and Bible hour. We also welcome you to our special events.


Anytime Opportunities

If your family is unable to join us weekly for any reason, we offer options for part time participation. 

Students learn how to play the mountain dulcimer at a workshop.

Background Checks

Our team is required to complete applications and background checks.



What parents think about Learn Together Lowcountry.
Students pain with watercolors.

“The quality of the classes this semester is amazing! My kids are getting SO much out of it. And what a great group of teens!”

(My favorite part is) “the community (kids learning along side their friends) and extra classes that I can’t or don’t have time to teach at home.”

(I love) “The variety of what is offered at affordable prices. Also, how organized everything is!”

SurveyMonkey Responses

December 2018


Spring Classes

We have planned our Fall Semester classes and are putting the pieces together for June 2019 enrollment!
Here are the classes we enjoyed for Spring 2019
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Early Learning
Ages 4-7
  • American Sign Language
  • The Art of Nature
  • Good News Club
  • Playground Outdoor Play
  • Music Lessons
brochure icon
Ages 5-12
  • Sewing
  • American Sign Language
  • Robotics
  • Drawing
  • PE
  • Good News Club
  • Cake Decorating
  • Gardening
  • Music Lessons
Icon showing small to big.
Ages 13-19
  • Finance
  • Sewing
  • American Sign Language
  • Drawing
  • Bible
  • Cake Decorating
  • Botany & Gardening
  • Music Lessons
Ages 0-4
  • Crafts
  • Snacks
  • Music
  • Storytime
  • Bible 
  • Playground
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  • Workshops
  • Parties
  • Special Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Summer Specials

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