Valerie Brandt

Teaching and Leadership

Valerie Brandt is a teacher and leader with Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC

Hi, I’m Valerie Brandt. I grew up on one of the largest family farms in Indiana. We did what we could do ourselves to save the cost of employing an expert. I learned carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and farm equipment repairs. I opened my pool and landscaping businesses and worked in a summer stock theatre through high school and college. I also became a journeyman electrician. In college I worked nights as a machinist at Johnson Controls. The college degrees I earned are B.S. in Fire Protection and Safety Engineering, Business Administration, and Accounting. The Masters earned are Fire Investigation, Environmental, and Reconstructive Chemistry. I am trained to take ashes and trace it back to what it was and when and where it came down the assembly line of the manufacturer. I hope to see everyone in class this year.


The labs are broken into different categories: lab procedures, water, air, sound, gravity, magnets, pH, chromatography, density / buoyancy, gases / solids / liquids, fire / explosions, electricity, light, interplay of forces, Chemistry: testing for heavy metals in lipsticks and figuring out an unknown substance. Students will have 30- 60 minutes of homework which will include writing up science lab reports, working a weekly physics math problem, and balancing equations. These will help them with any college science requirements by providing a solid base to build on.

This program will focus on the skills that students need in order to transition successfully from high school into work, home, and life in the community. The students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills in the areas of daily living, social skills, occupational skills, and recreation and leisure skills within the community. Some areas of study will include: automotive maintenance and car purchasing techniques; career resume, job application process, and interviewing;  financial basics such as loans, credit cards, and banking; home maintenance in basics, repair, electrical, and plumbing; yard and garden maintenance and repair; and clothing and kitchen skills.