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Sandra Rangel

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Sandra Rangel Assistant Director Sandra Rangel is a homeschool mom of two and both of her children enjoy learning at LTL! She strongly believes in… Read More »Sandra Rangel

T Downs

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T Downs Teaching and Leadership My name is actually Ricarda, but my freshman roommate gave me a nickname and everyone I’ve met since then knows… Read More »T Downs

Kali Cooke holds a leadership and teaching position at Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool group in Bluffton SC.

Kali Cooke

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Kali Cooke Teaching and Leadership  Hi! My name is Kali Cooke. I am so excited to be a part of Learn Together Lowcountry! My two… Read More »Kali Cooke

Levi Bates

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Levi Bates Teaching and Leadership My name is Levi Bates. I am sixteen years old, and my love for chess began when I was six. I… Read More »Levi Bates