Sandra Rangel

Assistant Director

Sandra Rangel teaches at Learn Together Lowcountry, a homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC.

Sandra Rangel is a homeschool mom of two and both of her children enjoy learning at LTL! She strongly believes in hands on learning and encouraging students to reach attainable goals! This is exactly why she enjoys the challenge of homeschooling her own children as well as aiding in the LTL ministry with fellow homeschool moms! Being grounded in her faith along with her commitment to teach helps to align well with the LTL’s priorities for educating students! Over the past 10 years, she has served in extensive leadership roles in a behavioral health hospital and engaged in numerous volunteer opportunities to include: President of the Georgia Therapeutic Recreation Association, Chair of the Service Excellence committee and member on the committee for American Suicide Prevention Awareness for 3 years.
Additionally, Sandra serves as an adjunct instructor for Georgia Southern University. She strongly believes in servant leadership and attempts to live out this key work related value. Through persistence and dedication, she knows the impact that leading by example has on
productivity and commitment. This guides her homeschool teaching philosophy, delivery of therapeutic services and ability to be a positive team member.

Sandra Rangel, MS, CTRS


10:00 am
Children are WONDERfully made to be God’s special handiwork! We plan to take an exciting journey through the world of social skills this semester via interactive games, plays and art activities! Luke 6:45 shares wisdom about the heart and mouth connection “…what you say flows from what is in your heart.” Last semester we took a journey through our heart and emotions, this semester we are more focused on our words. Learning social skills is a vital part of development and the best way to learn is through PLAY! Students will have the opportunity to learn about the importance of manners, respecting boundaries, making new friends, giving compliments and nurturing friendships. Students will also explore and practice conflict resolution in this class! Finally, we will be diving into an exciting topic called Growth Mindset in which the student will learn skills on how to bounce back from mistakes to encourage resilience and positivity in the face of adversity!

If it’s glorifying to God, benefiting our community and kids, and leadership, you’ll find Sandra. God gifted this beautiful, creative soul to us and we are beyond blessed with her constant positivity, forward-moving attitude, solutions-finding mind, and more than can be expressed here. When you meet her, we promise you will smile. She’s also humble, so Hannah wrote this little note about this shining light at LTL.