Renea Thielemier

Teaching and Leadership

Renea Thielemier holds a leadership and teaching position at Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool group in Bluffton SC.

Renea Thielemier is eager for the opportunity to ask her science class questions to get them to attend to the weekly experiment! This is her 11th year homeschooling her 3 children. Faithful follower of Jesus Christ, devoted wife, loving mother, Classical Conversations support representative, chauffer, chef, & personal assistant may all be attributed to her as she wears many hats each day!


In “Our God’s Amazing World” science class the goal is to learn about “how God put the world together and made it work”. Experiments, projects, notebooking, video clips, and games are some of the ways we will learn about two of the most interesting fields of science: physics and chemistry. The instructor will be using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics textbook and notebook as a guide. Families may choose to follow along using those resources. Opting out however, will not take away from what is sure to be a fun, fascinating, and God-glorifying class.