Olivia Carbajal

Teaching and Leadership

Olivia Carbajal is a homeschool mother of three children and local business owner of Coast to Coast bookkeeping. Olivia is not one to meet a project she couldn’t tackle with efficient organization and creativity. She is well equipped to lead the classes God’s given her to teach at LTL this year. 


The Robotics class at LTL will give students practical electronic skills, logical and systematic thinking skills that lead to coding, troubleshooting and reasoning skills, and project management skills. Some areas of study include: electricity and electrical components, building circuits and Ohm’s law, systematic troubleshooting, reading schematic drawings, using a Raspberry Pi, learning several software packages, basic Python programs, identifying and correcting programming errors, files, folders, and directories, code knowledge, pulse width modulation, new types of switches, Github, analog-to-digital converter circuit, and more. The class is geared for middle school to high school. See all classes.

4‑H empowers young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime. It’s a research-based experience that includes a mentor, a hands-on project, and a meaningful leadership opportunity. Join the new Bluffton 4H club at LTL! See all classes.

Do you panic when asked to make a presentation in front of people or do you enjoy the moment? Either way this club is for YOU!

Speech and Debate club is planned to give student club members experience in NCFCA (National Christian Forensics Communication Association) style debate and speech. NCFCA offers three styles of debate and 10 speech options which divided into three styles for your child to choose from.

The club will be focused on giving hands-on experience. Club will also help students practice and polish their analytical and oratorical skills. All while preparing for tournaments! Parents are encouraged to participate as judges. 


  • Join NCFCA ( Price ranges from $100-$150 per family for season)

    • NCFCA Registration

    • Pay a lower membership fee by joining early.

    • Participate in at least one tournament

    • An eligible competitor shall be no younger than 12 years old and no older than 18 years old on September 1st of the competition season.

    • An eligible Moot Court competitor shall be no younger than 15 years old and no older than 18 years old on September 1st of the competitive season.

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