Malissa Glover

Teaching and Leadership

Malissa Glover is our piano and voice teacher at Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC

My name is Mallisa Glover. I am 16 years old and play multiple instruments: piano, guitar, violin, and more. I have been teaching piano and guitar for two years. My primary class is the beginners class. Teaching brings me great joy. Music is a passion of mine so I love it when my students have the desire, the zeal, and the passion to learn. I also love it when they actually begin to understand the music and connect with it on a deeper level. Once they grow to understand it, they start to feel it and become it. And I love helping them discover a new part within themselves and help them find something that they can believe in. Music will always be there.


Group lessons are a great way to experience the instrument and decide if a student should move on to private lessons. Students get to improve social skills, share with one another, be competitive, and even be inspired from one another in this setting. Students will need their own keyboard and the book set: “Bastien Piano Basics Primer Level – Learn to Play Four Book Set – Including Primer Level Piano, Theory, Technic, and Performance books. Music will be provided at first class and teacher will provide assistance with finding correct book set (approximately $23 to start) if needed.

Receive private instruction at your level and needs. By taking private lessons your student will receive one on one instruction which is vital to quickly improving skill level. The teacher will be able to closely observe hand positions, fingerings, specific patterns, and learning style. The first lesson will assess what books are needed.

The lessons taught in Vocals depend on the student’s skill level. Due to this nature of teaching, all lessons are given privately. Students may work on a variety of techniques from hearing the music from new perspective to breath control. Important things that will be covered in each lesson include:

  • Vocal Technique: Although students warm their voices before they sing, there are different spots within their singing that need perfecting. We will dive deeper into prerequisite’s to singing a chosen song.
  • Solfège or Theory: Although students are not learning a physical instrument, their voice is their natural and mental instrument. Learning to read notes is a crucial part of that.
  • At times the instructor will choose the song for the student to work on. Other times the student will get to choose their own. At all times the song will be slightly challenging in order to strengthen their vocals and often push them out of their comfort zone. These are some of the techniques used to better the student’s musical intelligence.

Vocals are fun. There will be time for the students to choose favorite music and make the repertoire even more fun. .