Lisa Taylor

Teaching and Leadership

Lisa is a follower of Christ, a happily devoted wife of Ryan, and the blessed mother of three sons, Jaden, Renner, and Ryker.  She deeply desires to bring glory to God in everything she does. It is with that intention that she chooses to teach your children. Lisa is a native of California. Before becoming a mother, Lisa held a successful career as the director of finance for Chevrolet in San Diego, California. She was active in outdoor sports including jet skiing, motorcycle riding, camping, and riding quads in the desert. Lisa has a special love of animals and has owned several dogs, chinchillas, rats, a mouse, and over twenty reptiles. Currently she raises heritage breeds of chickens and Sebastopol geese with her husband and children.

In 2008 Ryan and Lisa’s oldest son, Jaden Del, went home to be with the Lord. Missing Jaden forever changed the desires of Lisa’s heart. In 2012 they moved to South Carolina to enable her to become a stay-at-home mother to her two living sons.  In 2014, both she and her husband became certified firearms instructors. Lisa went on to hold an additional certification as “The Well Armed Women Certified Instructor”, specializing in teaching women. Together they formed a company called March 4th Family Defense. Ryan and Lisa have been privileged to be able to teach a young group of scouts, including some autistic boys, their rifle certification skills.
Lisa has successfully homeschooled her sons for five years. She, alongside her husband, has coached several boys soccer teams. Lisa and her family became part of LTL in 2019. Lisa was honored to assist in teaching the Bible and robotics classes. 
Lisa feels thankful to have the opportunity to teach your children and promises to pour out her heart into your children this semester.


Life is an amazing adventure, and it takes skill and character to survive it! In this class students will explore various survival skills and learn the character involved in mastering these skills.
Each week students will be introduced to exciting topics like animal, insect, and plant identification, fire building, wound care, compass and map skills. Kids will learn what to do if they become lost, need to find water and how to find or build shelter. They will learn how to identify their surroundings, make good decisions and look out for their friends. There will be opportunies for super fun tasks like building traps and tieing different kinds of knots. They will also discover how to thoughtfully navigate more serious and dangerous situations such as stranger defense, firearm/weapon safety, injury management, and intense weather situtions. In every class we will focus on the safety, character and leadership skills it requires to be successful in each of these challenging situations.
This class includes age appropriate information for boys and girls ages 8-12. Children should come to class willing to learn, explore and carefully consider real world situations. They will be pushed to think outside the box and solve problems. They will grow confident and leave this class feeling prepared to tackle issues and continue making good decisions during life’s adventures.

We have a desire to offer our cherished children serious tools to help equip them for the future. We all realize that “the world” will attack and try to disprove God’s perfect truth and the target is our children. With this in mind, we sought out a Bible curriculum that would teach our children to be able to find the truth on their own. No more carrying their Bible around like a golden brick. This year, the students will open and explore God’s word in deep meaningful ways in order to find truth. We will teach your child that when they are presented with a world view, whether via TV, social media, or in person, they are able to open God’s word and find direct, truthful answers. They will find that God’s truth is the only thing that matters. We desire their hearts be full of confidence in their beliefs and love for Christ. Our children are asking big questions in our present day culture, and they deserve big answers. We believe this curriculum will provide them with the skills they need to find those answers.