Katie Seitzinger

Teaching and Leadership

Katie Seitzinger teaches at Learn Together Lowcountry, a homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC.

My name is Katie Seitzinger and I have been teaching my kids at home for 3 years. I have a BA in Visual Arts and I love to share my joy of creating!  While my skills are stronger with pencil drawing and three dimensional forms, I enjoy digging in with my students and trying new things.

I also love finding the beauty that God has made in the world around us and pointing our students to His craftsmanship.
I look forward to meeting parents and students and sharing my love of art with you this year!


9:00 am

The goal with sewing this year is to gain confidence in hand sewing and machine sewing so that students will be able to make their own projects at home.  

Students will learn practical skills like repairing a seam and reattaching a button.  We will learn several decorative stitches with basic embroidery and should finish a cross-stitch in time for Christmas. 

Spring semester will bring hands-on experience with sewing machines.  Students will learn the parts of the machine, how to follow a pattern, cut fabric and some quilting basics.  Each student will complete the course with their own handmade quilted tote.

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