Johnnie Garrett

Teaching and Leadership

My name is Johnnie Garrett. I just completed my first year of homeschooling and I’m so grateful for LTL. A little about me. I’m originally from Pittsburgh, PA (go Steelers!) and I moved here 15 years ago. I’ve been in church since I was two and I gave my life to the Lord when I was nine years old. At a kid’s camp, they showed us the crucifixion scene from the “The Greatest Story Ever Told.” At that moment, I finally realized the weight of what Jesus had done for me. I began to cry and asked the Lord to save me and I have been following Him ever since. I attended and graduated from a private Christian school. I attended Carlow College and received my degree in Social Work. After graduation, I worked in foster care and adoption for over 10 years. I met my husband, John, in 2008 and we were married in August 2009. We have beautiful, twin boys named Caleb and Isaiah. Isaiah was diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. We have had struggles but he is an amazing little boy and so is his brother. The Lord has blessed us so much! We are so grateful to be apart of this wonderful ministry.


LTL is excited to introduce a mentorship and leadership program for our upper-level students. Teens will learn a new leadership skill each week and will be assigned jobs across campus. Students will have the opportunity to be part of the yearbook program, prom, events, a retreat-style leadership event, service opportunities on and off campus, and other activities. They will also receive volunteer hours and information about how to use these to receive the mayor’s award and a certificate from LTL which can be used for scholarships. For the most active and motivated leader at LTL, there will be a very large prize at the end of the year!

Drop-off students are only allowed one study hall hour this year. We hope that you and your student are excited about this alternative opportunity.

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Johnnie is our brilliant Family Coordinator. Whether she is checking your family into co-op each week, managing your paperwork, or handling much of the work behind the scenes, she is doing it with a wonderful sense of humor and much efficiency. We are blessed to have Johnnie’s creative mind to help us navigate the ever-changing needs of our unique group. She’s a natural at connecting families and friends and a perfect gift from God to serve in this position. She’s also humble which is why I wrote this to let you know a glimpse of all she does for our group. – Hannah