Jayna DiGenova

Teaching and Leadership

Jayna DiGenova is a leader and teacher at Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC

After growing up and working in Ohio, my family moved to the Lowcountry in 2005.  We have been here for a little over thirteen (13) years now and I cannot imagine a better place in which God could have blessed us to live on this Earthly journey.

I was a public school teacher for almost 17 years, fifteen (15) of those working with and teaching the deaf.  We took many trips to Gallaudet University and to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf during my teaching time in Ohio and about half of my students earned college degrees at some level, the highest being a Masters Degree.  I’m very proud of my former students and all they have accomplished!

Over the years, my classroom of double digits shrunk to a classroom of one, my star student being my ten (10) year old daughter Eva.  We have been a part of the Classical Conversations Hilton Head group for the past five years.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Learn Together Lowcountry Community!


10:00 am Some of the exciting things we will be learning together include: Basics: colors, numbers, ABC’s, and animals; Food: which means we will be having snack times as well. Personal: family, feelings, and phrases; Outside: we will be going outside to explore our environment, as well as learn signs for things we like to do outside; Songs: we will learn signs to some songs we may already be singing as well as learn songs that may be new to us! Each class will be a mixed variety to make sure we keep our focus and attention. Moms are welcome to join in anytime.

12:30 pm Our environment will take us on a journey outside more than once! Food: you’ll not only learn the sign for it, but you’ll also get to eat it as well. Questions: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? Sign languages: similarities & differences locally, regionally, nationally, & internationally. Activities: you will be doing some fun things with a partner, in a group, and with your family for an evening. Games: need I say more? Each class will be a mixed variety to help us maintain focus & attention. The items listed above will ensure your student being introduced to several hundred signs throughout the semester!

9:00 am Students will introduce their families, friends, and in ASL and interpret, in turn, introductions created by classmates. They will learn and interpret in a variety of simple everyday situations, common to hearing and deaf. Students will keep a hypothetical “Deaf Diary” to identify and analyze as many aspects of their lives as possible (settings and situations) that would be significantly different if they were Deaf or hearing impaired. They will Students will examine the relevance of body language and facial expressiveness to communication and personality in general, and specifically in ASL, including the consideration of different styles of signing. Students will compile and be able to sign a list of direct personal questions common and appropriate in Deaf Culture, possibly not appropriate in hearing communication. Students will prepare a 3-5 minute personal narrative in ASL, or a dialogue with a partner, suitable for video taping and use for beginning first semester ASL students.