Jayna DiGenova

Teaching and Leadership

Jayna DiGenova is a leader and teacher at Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC

After growing up and working in Ohio, my family moved to the Lowcountry in 2005.  We have been here for a little over thirteen (13) years now and I cannot imagine a better place in which God could have blessed us to live on this Earthly journey.

I was a public school teacher for almost 17 years, fifteen (15) of those working with and teaching the deaf.  We took many trips to Gallaudet University and to the National Technical Institute for the Deaf during my teaching time in Ohio and about half of my students earned college degrees at some level, the highest being a Masters Degree.  I’m very proud of my former students and all they have accomplished!

Over the years, my classroom of double digits shrunk to a classroom of one, my star student being my ten (10) year old daughter Eva.  We have been a part of the Classical Conversations Hilton Head group for the past five years.

We are thrilled to be a part of the Learn Together Lowcountry Community!


This year ASL is divided into skill levels. Please read class descriptions to determine which class is a good fit for your student.

9:00 am This class is designed for the NEW signer.
We will learn about what it means to be deaf, levels of hearing loss and ways that a deaf person communicates. We will also learn why body language is necessary to help clarity in communication.
We will learn basic rules for signing, the ABC’s, numbers, animals, people  feelings. We will embark on a journey of storytelling, music, & fun poems!
Students will need a 3 ring binder each week for class.

12:30 pm This class is designed for the intermediate signer…2 or more classes with Jayna and this one’s for you! Do you have a little bit of sign language knowledge, but are not a fluent signer? This is where you need to be!
We’ll dig deeper into different types of sign language, more rules of signing and sign language classifiers, what a deaf person may or may not hear at their level of hearing, learn about some famous deaf people, and hear some true stories about the deaf. We will also learn and use 600+ words for this year as well as some songs, poems, and how to tell stories in ASL!

10:00 am This class will pick up from our sign book, A Basic Course in Sign Language, on Chapter 12. We will finish the book, completing Chapters 12-22. We will also dive into the anatomy of the ear, Deaf Culture, book studies of famous Deaf people, group work and hosting our first “Deaf Awareness Day Breakfast.” Students will have monthly vocabulary checks and presentations, as well as voice and sign interpreters in class. It will be very important to keep up with the vocabulary, reviewing weekly. As this class counts as a foreign language credit over two semesters, our ASL Online Boot Camp is required and included in tuition.If your student is more interested in signing for fun (which is awesome too) but not for a high school credit, then the ASL 2 class will be where they need to register this year.