Heather Clark

Teaching and Leadership

Heather Clark teaches at Learn Together Lowcountry, a homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC.
My name is Heather Clarke and I am a lover of Jesus and a mom to three wonderful kids ages 16, 12, and 5.  Our family lived in Atlanta for 14 years before relocating to HHI in the beginning of 2019.
      Before I had children I taught in Christian private schools for four years. Due to small combined classes I was able to teach most of the grades from 1st-8th grade.  When we began our family and considered schooling options for our oldest, I felt compelled to research homeschooling.  In a short time I was hooked!  
      When my oldest began fifth grade I offered to teach science classes to some local homeschooled boys.  Over four years I taught chemistry, physics, marine biology, earth science, and astronomy.  I love to get messy so I made sure to incorporate experiments and hands-on experiences througout our classes. 
       Since I was a little girl I always felt closest to God when I was outside immersed in His creation, squishing my feet in the clay bottomed creek, building multi-roomed forts amongst the leafy trees in our backyard woods, or laying in the snow enjoying the quiet, vastness of the sky as the sun went down.   Growing up, it seemed like God was waiting for me out there, ready to hear what I had to say to Him that day, pouring out my heart to Him. 
        Today, I am still drawn to being outside.  I enjoy long distance running on the beach in the early morning where I feel closest to the Lord.  Sometimes He blesses me with the opportunity to see deer grazing in the beach dunes or dolphins spalshing the water with their tails as they feed in the water.  Last summer He allowed me to place a precious, struggling baby turtle in the ocean.     
         I believe we can learn so much about God, His character, and His ways just by observing and interacting with His creation.  As we experiment with the materials He has made, we see how much of Earth’s creation points us to truths about Him.  And I definitely believe He gets a laugh too as we have fun making explosions, create gooey messes, shoot off rockets, and test gravity.  I hope you will join me as we learn about our impressively creative God through Chemistry and Physics! 


In “Our God’s Amazing World” science class the goal is to learn about “how God put the world together and made it work”. Experiments, projects, notebooking, video clips, and games are some of the ways we will learn about two of the most interesting fields of science: physics and chemistry. The instructor will be using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics textbook and notebook as a guide. Families may choose to follow along using those resources. Opting out however, will not take away from what is sure to be a fun, fascinating, and God-glorifying class.