Gretchen La Pour

Teaching and Leadership

Gretchen La Pour holds a leadership and teaching position at Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool group in Bluffton SC.

My name is Gretchen La Pour, I’m married and homeschool my two children. I have a degree from Luther College in Social Work and Anthropology. I was a Social Worker for many years before having children, and then left to become a stay at home mom. It is a joy and a privilege to homeschool my children, and what I love the most about it is being able to teach them every subject from a biblical worldview. It is so exciting to see a child make the connection between God and the world around them! I have served as a children’s leader in both Bible Study Fellowship and Community Bible Study, and am looking forward to teaching in a classroom again.


10:00 am Join us on a round-the-world tour as we learn about the great diversity among God’s world and his people. Our tour will stop in a different country each week, taking a look at the geography of the land, and getting a taste of the culture and traditions of it’s people.