Gina Denckhoff

Teaching and Leadership

Gina Denckhoff is a leader with Learn Together Lowcountry in Bluffton SC

Gina Denckhoff is a wife, homeschooling mother of four and most importantly a follower of Christ.  She was born and raised in Pascagoula, Mississippi and graduated high school from the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science.  She attended college at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) before marrying her wonderful husband Robert and supporting him in the Marine Corps. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and then earned her Master of Physical Therapy at East Carolina University.  After her husband’s service with the Marines, the family resided in St. Louis, Missouri for a few years before moving to Hilton Head in 2006.  

Over the past 10 years, Gina has been actively involved with Classical Conversations (CC) of Hilton Head and Bluffton and is currently the Challenge II Director (10th grade) at the Bluffton Community.  She has also enthusiastically served 9 years as a leader with the American Heritage Girls Troop of Hilton Head and enjoys giving her time to children of the community.   Besides volunteering to help with various organization and devoting hours in the car driving her amazing kids to ballet, Trail Life, Boy Scouts, sports, and church events, she also enjoys relaxing with family, traveling and spending time outside in God’s beautiful creation.   


8:30 am

Public Speaking is stressful? It doesn’t have to be… Come join Gina Denckhoff as she facilitates this exceptional opportunity for your students to be encouraged and have fun with their friends while gaining confidence speaking amongst their peers.

The Junior Toastmasters program is an informal course in the arts of communication and leadership. The ability to clearly express your thoughts to others so that they are heard and understood is important if you want to participate in group discussions and decision-making activities.

By participating, you will learn speaking and leadership skills that you will be able to use for the rest of your life. You’ll learn to:

• Overcome the nervousness everyone feels when asked to speak before an audience

• Organize and present your ideas logically and convincingly

• Listen carefully to others’ ideas

• Offer helpful advice that will help others improve their speaking and leadership skills

• Participate in -and even lead- group discussions or meetings

Students will present a minimum of 2 speeches during the 12-week sessions (The number of speeches depends on the number of participants in the class). Each week students will also practice answering 1-2 minute impromptu questions, as well as hold a weekly “Toastmaster job” that will help improve listening and evaluating skills.

12:30 pm

Ready to get excited about Biology! Join Gina as she shares her passion and love for science with your student.

This Biology Lab, intended to be a two-semester class, provides a fully hands-on comprehensive laboratory experience that correlates with the concepts taught in biology. It will provide enough hours, in addition to their studies at home, to provide your student with the work needed for the lab component of your biology credit. Although students can use any biology text at home to study the complexity of God’s creation, the classroom experiments will follow the generalized schedule found in the Apologia Biology 3rd edition (the newest edition).

Each week, the scientific method is reintroduced and practiced in each experiment either through microscope use (mainly 1st semester) or dissection techniques (2nd semester). Students will discuss and review concepts from their studies, but the majority of time will focus on hands-on experiments.

Students sketch their observations and record their methods and data in their journals, and learn to complete formal laboratory reports from selected experiments.