David Seitzinger

Teaching and Leadership

David Seitzinger is a board member, teacher, and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry.Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC

My name is David Seitzinger, I have the pleasure of serving as the chair of the board of LTL. I have enjoyed watching LTL grow into the fruitful program that it is. I serve as the Director of Worship Arts at Grace Coastal Church, LTL’s host organization. I studied music in college and graduate school before completing an mDiv (a pastoral seminary degree) in St. Louis. My wife and I were both home schooled and are enjoying serving the home school community here in Bluffton. I have taught private music lessons since high school, and love being in and around learning environments. I co-teach the upper-level bible course at LTL.


Mike Slay and I will co-teach the upper-level bible and apologetics course, which is titled “Truth.”  We titled it this way because the most important aspect of Christianity is that it is true.  In this course we aim to teach the students to think from a biblical worldview.  We will be exploring the idea that what you believe affects the way you see the world.  We will present a number of short videos which will spark discussion on various apologetic topics such as economics, government theory, civil corruption, and marriage.