Christy Hale

Teaching and Leadership

Christy Hale is a teacher and leader at Learn Together Lowcountry homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC

Christy has a background in music and elementary education. She grew up in the Lowcountry, and after finishing her education as a music major, she taught in the public school systems in Tennessee and North Carolina before moving back to Bluffton. She is married with six children. Christy has had tons of experience in music in the community including Music Directorship with Bluffton Youth Theatre, Lead Pianist with Grace Coastal Church, and private piano teacher locally.  She has continued her love of teaching through the Classical Conversations Foundations program for the past 10 years, and will be directing the CC Challenge 3 program again this year.


Group lessons are a great way to experience the instrument and decide if a student should move on to private lessons. Students get to improve social skills, share with one another, be competitive, and even be inspired from one another in this setting. Students will need their own keyboard (message us if you need help with this) and a book set. Music will be provided at first class and teacher will provide assistance with finding the correct book set (approximately $23 to start) if needed.

Receive private instruction at your level and needs. By taking private lessons your student will receive one on one instruction which is vital to quickly improving skill level. The teacher will be able to closely observe hand positions, fingerings, specific patterns, and learning style. The first lesson will assess what resources are needed.

While having fun and making musical memories, we will travel far beyond the “do-re-mi”! Our students will learn much more than pitch, note values, and identification! They will have hands-on experience with pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. The children will be systematically learning to read music throughout the school year, and will enjoy the opportunity to frequently implement what they are learning about rhythmic structure, by utilizing many
different rhythm instruments. In rich complement to their curriculum being studied in their History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Geography classes, we will be integrating music into all of these studies, bringing the connectivity of integrated arts to life. Students will enhance their multicultural appreciation by learning songs from other lands. In addition, they will frequently augment their language development by learning songs in sign-language, just for the fun of integrating music into their ASL development.

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