Beth Green

Teaching and Leadership

Known locally as “The Music Lady”, Beth Green is a vocal recording artist, professional voice over talent, and is Founder/Director of The School for Performing Arts, providing children with voice and piano instruction, in addition to dramatic arts classes and camps.  Now in her 21st year as “The Music Lady”, Beth serves local schools as a children’s music specialist, works with children and parents in her private musical enrichment classes and at client schools/camps,
and hosts music therapy application programs at special needs and elder care facilities.  Beth is also a Certified Teacher Trainer and travels to different states providing teacher training and CEU’s for re-licensure to Early Childhood Educators.  Beth holds a Master’s Degree in Education, with a specialty in Integrated Teaching through the Arts. Among all, Beth’s favorite role, by far, is “Mom” to her 24-year old son.


While having fun and making musical memories, we will travel far beyond the “do-re-mi”! Our students will learn much more than pitch, note values, and identification! They will have hands-on experience with pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. In ‘Magic School Bus’ hands-on fashion, children will participate in a field trip “inside” the open piano, to view its inner mechanisms and seeing how these work together to produce sound. The children will be systematically learning to read music throughout the school year, and will enjoy the opportunity to frequently implement what they are learning about rhythmic structure, by utilizing many different rhythm instruments. In rich complement to their curriculum being studied in their History, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Geography classes, we will be integrating music into all of these studies, bringing the connectivity of integrated arts to life. Students will enhance their multicultural appreciation by learning songs from other lands. In addition, they will frequently augment their language development by learning songs in sign language, just for the fun of integrating music into their ASL development.

This class serves as an introduction to the elements of show production and scene-work, and culminates in an end-of-the-semester performance of a short play, when each child is featured in a speaking role. Each participant will receive individual and semi-private coaching and technical instruction in preparing for vocal
and monologue auditions for musical or straight theater productions, which will also serve to enhance their Public Speaking skills’ development. We will cover: stage presence and comfort, line memorization, choosing and delivering appropriate and fun monologues and vocal auditions that showcase individual talents, combating stage fright, discovering kinesthetic stance, theatrical space, and many other important facets of producing an excellent audition, preparing to knock a Director’s socks off! Each child is automatically cast in the play, following their audition coaching, and each child (readers and non-readers alike) will receive a script and a script-learning MP3 that’s recorded for them, so that they have 2 great methods to learn their lines: reading and listening. This technique levels the proverbial “PLAY-ing field” and allows all children, regardless of reading prowess, to be ACTive in our play!

Participants will learn about vocal performance through vocal production, articulation and enunciation, unison and harmonic singing, posture and stance, etc. Participants will learn to polish auditions for the musical theater, including 16-bar solos with or without accompaniment, and monologue development.

Participants will learn piano basics through note and rhythm reading, scales, sight-reading, music theory, and chords. Students will have the option of choosing part of their repertoire by selecting some of their favorite songs to learn in their lessons. Beth will assess students at the first lesson to determine which book is required. She utilizes Alfred Basic Piano Prep Course books. Ask about her “Celebration of Skills” and LTL’s “Fine Arts Night” at the end of the year.