Ana Soulios

Teaching and Leadership

Ana Soulios teaches at Learn Together Lowcountry, a homeschool co-op in Bluffton SC.

In NYC, Ana studied acting at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Actor’s Institute, The Acting Studio, and under other professional actors who also taught the craft. By studying different techniques she draws from a variety of practical approaches. She combines elements of the Meisner Method, character and script analysis, as well as improvisation to teach actors how to develop skills that help make a compelling performance. Working off each other actors find their voices, rhythms, and emotions. They build imaginative relationships while also making real ones. Ana had the pleasure of creating many original characters and giving them organic life. She has performed in many plays, appeared on television, films, and in videos, and has done a local commercial as well. However, she is most blessed by playing the role of mom to her three incredible kids who have given her the greatest lessons in life. By teaching she hopes to pass on what she has learned about acting and how to make wise and godly choices. Theatre brings people together and you never know who might find their calling in the performing arts! 


12:30 and 1:30 pm
Dramatic Arts is a class that will introduce students to the basic fundamentals of theatre, including the different genres, acting techniques, terminology, movement, script analysis, character development, stage direction, ensemble work, proper voice support, and audition preparation including approaching cold copy. There will be some discussion on historical contexts, the contribution of significant playwrights and teachers, the roles of directors, actors, technical crew, and house management, as well as different forms of vocational opportunities. We will work on monologues, scenes, and putting together a production by the end of the semester.

Theatre games will propel us to higher levels of play naturally. All levels can engage in improvs and situational skits. Students will learn to trust one another, take cues from others and allow their senses and instincts to respond. It can be fun for firsties and we will look to challenge the experienced thespians.

Preparation is the key to success so there will be independent work to do at home. Students will then have time to delve into their imaginations and create their characters, memorize lines, practice blocking, consider appropriate wardrobe, and rehearse with others, even if only on zoom.

Shy ones may come out of their shells, extraverts will have an outlet, and all will gain an appreciation for the dramatic arts.

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