About Us

A gardening class student works with her seeds.

Learn Together Lowcountry is a volunteer-run group project. Parents work together to create a hands-on learning environment in order to provide options that are group or expertise oriented. 

You will find classes, workshops, nursery, playtime opportunities, bible instruction, and events for all ages.

At LTL you will find community.  

The LTL Difference

What makes Learn Together Lowcountry different? Here’s just a few ways of many…


No Registration Fees

Learn Together Lowcountry is a ministry of Grace Coastal Church. This means that fees that typically pay for insurance and supplies are supported by the church as a gift to our community.

Free Options

There are two hours per Friday that are offered free of charge. Join us for our Workshops and Bible hour. We also welcome you to our special events.

Anytime Opportunities

If your family is unable to join us weekly for any reason, we offer options for part time participation. 

Background Checks

Our team is required to complete applications and background checks.